NASDAQ 100: Tech Stocks Surging Higher

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  • 1 year ago
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Stock analysts that have been promoting bullish ideas about the likely trajectory for the rest of this year have focused mostly on companies related to infrastructure and finance.  But the reality is that a rising tide has lifted all boats and the widespread optimism that has gripped the market is even helping technology stocks rally higher.

PowerShares NASDAQ Trust (NASDAQ:QQQ)

One if the best ways of gauging this is to monitor the PowerShares NASDAQ Trust, which is directly tied to the value of the broader stock market benchmark.

In this stock price chart, investors can see that QQQ is literally surging into uncharted territory.  This creates some excellent opportunities to start selling at the highs, as this is often touted as the best stock trading strategy for capturing profits.  Going forward, it will be important for corporate earnings reports to validate these moves but if this is not the case we will likely see more investors interested in short-selling equities.


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