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Gone are the days of the big money managers.  

A recent article from CNBC asked whether the days of hedge fund money management are over — and the data seem to support this as almost none of them have beat the market on a consistent basis over the last several decades.

Enter the era of DIY portfolio strategy.

But when experience matters, you need the guidance and objective perspective that comes with a time-tested team of top-notch experts.  Our strategies help DIY investors find deep value through high-yielding dividend investments.

In our analysis, we use fundamental valuation techniques that are combined with technical charting methods to establish both bullish and bearish stances on key assets in the market. We look for undervalued stocks and missed opportunities as a means to identify inefficiencies in the system.

And then we capitalize on them.

With decades of collective experience in the field of income and retirement strategy, Dividend Investments can help guide you on the path to reaching your financial goals.

Email: Portfolio@Dividend-Investments.com

We help dividend investors create DIY portfolios without the need to pay excessive fees through money management firms.

We offer our investment recommendations and strategy services for one low-price, so there are no percentage costs to reduce the strength of your total gains.

For $199 per financial quarter (three-month period) we offer you real-time access to:

  • Active portfolio alerts identifying undervalued stocks with elevated yield payouts
  • Macro strategy research uncovering the market’s essential trends
  • Warning signs for stock trends ready to reverse in unexpected ways
  • Live chat and email access to our strategy team
  • Peace of mind knowing you can develop a DIY portfolio and beat the market on your own terms

Gain access to our market alerts and proprietary research tools that will allow you to put the odds back into your favor and generate strong returns over the long-term.  With global stock markets trading near record levels, it has never been more important to protect investments from the potential crash that always seems to loom on the horizon.  At Dividend Investments, we will arm you with the tools you need to profit during the best of times and the worst of times so that all potential market scenarios are covered — and all your assets are protected.